Tesseract will be at EuroSys

I’m pleased to announce that our paper, Tesseract, was accepted at EuroSys and I will be presenting (i.e., recording a video of my presentation). Tesseract is a distributed system for graph pattern mining on dynamic graphs.


Tesseract is the first distributed system for executing general graph mining algorithms on evolvinggraphs. Tesseract scales out by decomposing a stream of graph updates into per-update mining tasks and dynamically assigning these tasks to a set of distributed workers. We support this design using a novel approach to change detection that efficiently determines the exact modifications to the algorithm’s output for each update to the input graph. We use a disaggregated, multiversioned graph store to allow workers to process updates independently, without producing duplicates. Moreover, Tesseract provides interactive mining insights for complex applications using our incremental aggregation API. Finally, we implement and evaluate Tesseract and demonstrate that it achieves orders-of-magnitude improvements over state-of-the-art systems.